Improved Tranquility in the World. Really?

Yesterday the White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, told reporters how the Obama administration has improved the world’s tranquility.

Let’s get this straight, we have ISIS trying to create its own nation, Iraq on the brink of civil war, violence in Syria, fighting between Russia and the Ukraine and basically war between Israel and hamas, and the administration says we’re living in tranquil times?

What does the administration based this allegation on?  According to Earnest, three reasons.

#1.  Dealing with the WMDs of Syria.  Is this now where Obama said there was a ‘red line’ which should not be crossed?  The same conflict which Vladimir Putin had to rescue Obama after his bumbling.  The same conflict which is still ongoing?

#2.  Kerry’s involvement in the audit of the election in Afghanistan.  For now a stop gap in tensions between two parties vying for control of the country.  Kerry managed to get them to agree to an audit of the votes, but what happens after that?  Will it remain peaceful?  Time will tell here.

#3.  Kerry and treasury secretary Jack Lew who met with Chinese officials.  Were tensions so bad between China and the USA that war was threatening to break out.

The three areas which Earnest mentioned, only one was a hot spot for violence and struggles, and the administration has not solved the problem there.  Add in the other growing conflicts around the globe and one has to wonder how tranquility has improved considering the world seems far from being quiet and calm.