Harry Reid Says What?

Once more democratic Senator Harry Reid opens his mouth and says something stupid.  He is worse than Sarah Palin, but the only difference is Reid has the power to influence all of our lives.  The question everyone probably has is what did he say?

“The border is secure.”

Don’t believe me, watch it here.

Watching the clip two tings pop out.  The first is Reid talking about comprehensive immigration reform which is something many are waiting for.  The problem isn’t a willingness to pass such laws, but what is in the law.  Democrats want to fast-track immigrants into becoming citizens and giving amnesty to those here somehow thinking that will solve the immigration problem.  They seem to forget Republicans already did this back in 1986, did not work.

The second is the fact he states twice the border is secure.  Now, it might be ‘secure’ in and around larger towns, but what about other places.  What about where ranchers, and others who live there give reports of illegals flowing though their property like a river.  That’s not secure, and is in fact, a huge security threat to our country.

Until democrats wake up to the real problems along the border, I say the Republicans should continue to oppose any bill the democrats bring up.