Boehner Re-elected

House speaker John Boehner was re-elected yesterday as House speaker.  A vast number of conservatives are outraged by what happened, but is it the end of the world?

Chances are, no.  Look at who democrats keep re-electing yet they keep rising from the dead and stench of the rotting corpses of Pelosi and Reid.

The biggest problem is the lack of ability of Boehner to stand up to the President and loudmouthed democrats forcing their narrow-minded views on all of society.  At one time he seemed to have that ability, but now, over time, he lost that drive.

People like Boehner, Obama, Pelosi and Reid show us time and again that those in power do not like to step down, nor do they like to share power.

We the voters need to start exercising our power and vote them out of office when they no longer serve the people, but themselves.