Howard Dean: Paris Killers Not Muslim

Well, another wacky liberal has opened his mouth and spouted what every liberal is thinking.  This liberal is Howard Dean and his comments were about the recent terror attack in Paris.

“You know, this is a chronic problem. I stopped calling these people Muslim terrorists. They’re about as Muslim as I am. I mean, they have no respect for anybody else’s life, that’s not what the Koran says. Europe has an enormous radical problem.”

The liberal apology lines are starting.

Let’s take a moment to look at this.  What radical problem, and by who?  Is there a radical Christian problem?  How about a radical white problem?  (although some might think so on the left without looking further into the problems).  How about Hindu?  Buddhist?  Taoism?

The fact remains it is the radical muslim population which is causing many problems despite the apologists out there.

Of course Dean was not finished.

I think ISIS is a cult. Not an Islamic cult. I think it’s a cult.

That’s like saying the Westboro Baptist Church is only a cult and should not be associated with the Baptist Church.

I still await the day when the left wakes up to the fact there are radical muslims who do terror acts in the name of islam.