More Bad News for Democrats

A week ago democrats were staggering under the weight of an election onslaught which left them shaking their heads in dismay.  They had lost control of the Senate despite their best push of anti-Republican rhetoric.

Now comes another blow to the party.

Republicans are now more popular than democrats.  Yep, you heard right according the latest Gallup poll.  The democratic party has reached an all time low in favorability, plunging to 36%.

Yet is such a number really a surprise?

No, not when one considers all the blunders the Obama administration has done, from the horrible healthcare rollout, which effects are still being felt and will be for years to come, to Obama’s handling of ISIS and Ebola.  These problems only served to hamper democrats due to a lack of leadership.

OF course add in the tied talking points of democrats and its no wonder their numbers are falling.

They tell us the economy is great, they are adding jobs, yet when people look around, all they see is people they know who are unemployed.

They went on about how republicans cut spending to the CDC, another lie which was easily disproven.  They focused on amnesty which has proven to be a huge turn off for voters of both sides and of race.  Yet they continue their march on that track.

If Obama goes ahead with amnesty you’ll see democrat numbers go even lower.

And one more bit of bad news for democrats, the Republican Congress is now viewed more favorable than the President 42% to 39%.

Of course, all this only matters if you truly believe polls.  So take it with a grain of salt, doesn’t matter which party is on top.