New York Times Says Obama Seething Over Ebola Response

Well, according to an article on the New York Times President Obama is not happy with the response to the Ebola threat.  In fact, the headline says Obama is ‘seething’.  According to sources Obama is frustrated and angry over the response of the government.

According to the article:

“He told aides they needed to get ahead of events and demanded a more hands-on approach, particularly from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

Perhaps Obama should take his own advice here to get ahead of the virus.  When you keep borders open to infected countries, that in all medical and scientific knowledge, is the opposite of what needs to be done.

Now with the administration’s failure to look proactive in the face of another crisis he is showing again that he is ‘angry’ about the situation.

Mr. Obama, perhaps if you actually moved ahead and did some real leadership, instead of leading from behind, you might not be facing such public backlash.  In every problem faced by this administration you have waited to make a decision until the problem became a crisis.

This time, the public cannot wait for this to become a crisis.  We cannot allow you to take your time to lead from behind.  We know this virus doesn’t care about rich or poor, left or right, or even being politically correct.  It only wants to spread and grow.

Maybe if you had figured that out you would not be ‘seething’ with ‘anger’ over the CDC’s response.  Instead you’ve allowed this entire thing to become political, from the CDC responses to political groups bantering back and forth over funding.

For once in your administration step up and become a leader before its too late.  If not, you will be known as a President who allowed a contagious and deadly virus into the USA.

One thought on “New York Times Says Obama Seething Over Ebola Response

  1. The man will never change from the way he is & was, a “community organizer” at best. His sense of leading is to appoint or organize a bunch of people, then wash his hands & think THEY will or can solve the problem. If they do succeed he will step forward & take the credit, BUT if they don’t he can absolve himself by saying he is or was very concerned about the problem but someone else who didn’t solve the problem is or are to blame.
    By that time he thinks the public is to stupid to realize WHO APPOINTED them to deal with the the first place.

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