CDC Director Says What About Borders?

Everyone is aware when it comes to the US borders what the official position is of Tom Frieden, the CDC Director.  He thinks banning flights from infected areas would only make things worse in fighting the disease.

But it appears that there is a difference between talking about US borders and borders of other countries.

The porous land borders among countries and remoteness of many villages have greatly complicated control efforts,” Friedan said.

What?  Is this the same guy who was defending open US borders to and from infected countries, and then went on today to say any restrictions would harm those countries economies.

It appears so.  He goes around defending the administration’s decision to not ban flights, then turns around and blames the inability of the controlling the outbreak on porous borders.

It really makes one wonder how the government officials are protecting US citizens.  It seems like they are more concerned with other countries than they are with the country which employs them.  Anyone knows with a contagious disease, with a high mortality rate, you quarantine it.