Detention for Sharing

By now, we all know how poor our education system is when it comes to discipline.  It seems like kids cannot do anything in todays world, especially a good deed without being punished for it.

For example take Kyle Bradford, a 13 year old at Weaverville Elementary School in Weaverville, California.  He went thought the lunch line and bought lunch, a burrito, which he really did not want.  Sitting down next to a friend, who also had a lunch he did not want, he gave his friend the burrito and that’s when the school went stupid.

He was given a detention.  Yep, as you can see below, the school issued him a detention for giving food away that he did not want.


Apparently the policy is no giving food to anyone in case of food allergies.  This kid is being taught by our education system to waste food and resources instead of using it wisely.

Why is our education system so stupid when it comes to such things?  Perhaps if they could see their stupidity things might change for the better.  But this policy of zero tolerance shows how little common sense they use anymore.