Obama’s ISIS Gaff Continues

It has not even been a week since Obama uttered those now infamous words, “We don’t have a strategy yet”.  Now, every since then people have taken shots at his words, and they should.

Of course the very next day the administration was already on clean up duty, trying their best to minimalize the damage Obama had done to the US foreign policy.  What did they do?  In typical fashion, they blamed the media for misreporting what the President said, and stated he was talking about only ISIS in Syria.  Which really means nothing.

Of course, now others have also chimed in on criticizing the President’s words.

Take Richard Engel, former chief  foreign correspondent, who blasted the administration.  “To a large degree the administration’s policy has been to ignore Syria, ignore it until the horrors there become too barbaric to stomach,” he stated on NBC’s “Meet the Press”.

Or chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep Mike Rogers who stated that the administrations foreign policy was in ‘free-fall’.  He continued by stating: “The United States seems to be in the malaise of not being that concerned. If you have your own European allies saying, ‘Maybe the United States isn’t a leader on this issue,’ that’s a problem for us”.

And when you have John McCain stating this about your handling of ISIS, “[T]he president of the United States is either in denial or overwhelmed, he is either in denial or overwhelmed one of the two”.

People have come out and no matter of word play, or cover by the media will help this gaff.  It only shows that he has no clue about what to do, and McCain’s statement is a very accurate description of the two.  Personal choice is he is in denial, and that is a part of his youth.  He simply cannot believe the religion he once was a part of is so violent.

Its time the President start listening to his advisors, or he will be known as the President who caused the fall of the USA.