The Liberal Tolerance

Recently I read a story about Nanaimo, a Canadian city, which cancelled an event called ‘Leadercast’, a group whose goal is to build leaders worth following.  Now the council of Nanaimo cancelled the event not because of who was speaking, but because Chick-fil-A was a sponsor.

In fact council member Fred Pattje blasted Chick-fil-A’s owner, Dan Cathy, and labeled him as having a history of homophobia.  Now if memory serves me, I believe the owner said homosexuality went against his religion.  Gays and lesbians work for Chick-fil-A.  I don’t think he’s like that, but many of the left when someone says its against their religion, suddenly think that person is homophobic.

‘Leadership’ does not appear to even cover such subjects, focusing instead on other aspects, like leadership which has nothing to do with one’s sexual preference.

Its ironic that Pattje stated this:

“The city of Nanaimo advised the VICC — the Vancouver Island Conference Center — that as owners of the facility any events that are associated with organizations of people that promote or have a history of divisiveness, homophobia or other expressions of hate in a such advised VICC to not permit the upcoming Leadercast event to occur in the city-owned facility that is scheduled for Saturday May the 9th.”

Yet failed to see his own actions were also fueled by hate and divisiveness.

Fred Pattje, I wonder if you even realize how much hatred you seem to be pushing forward in your quest to belittle someone else for their views.

I guess its okay to belittle one person, as long as it goes against what you think.