IRS E-Mail Questions

I’ve had a few days now to think about this topic, and what questions I have and came up with a few.

First off, at the time of the crash, it seems every employee had their e-mails backed up on a server, a small amount of space according to some, but had a backup.  so the question is technical, how did the crash eliminate the backed up server e-mails?

Second question is again somewhat technical.  What type of outdated e-mail system are they using that the e-mails are stored not on some central location like every other e-mail system out there, but on her computer?  Seriously, my computer could crash but I wouldn’t lose a single e-mail from any of my many e-mail accounts.

Third, in today’s age of technology, these employees only had one computer?  Many employees, especially those who travel have a desktop computer and a laptop.

And my final question, did Lerner have a smartphone upon which she received work e-mails?

With questions three and four it is a matter of if the e-mails were only on her computer, how could she get them in other locations?  We know she visited the White House, so was she out of touch with her e-mails during that time?

This entire ‘We lost the e-mails’ only shows how much our government thinks we the public are idiots.  Its time to stand up and demand accountability.  If this was a company people would be boycotting their products and lawsuits would be drawn up.  Instead we have a system which is protecting itself from those it was at one time sworn to protect.