Punishment Beyond Humiliation

Imagine this, your back in school, and drawing on your desk.  Who did not do this when they were younger.  In college there were entire conversations between people on some desks.  In high school, I can recall notes on the desk to the next class, some impressive drawings.

Now, your teacher found out, what usually happened?

Detention?   Made you clean the desk?  Yeah, that happened as well.

But to a 1st grade student in Houston the punishment went beyond all that, and borderlines criminal and massive humiliation to the student.

Her mother was told the punishment was she lost her recess and had to go to the principal’s office to wash it.  The mother thought that was it never imagining that there was a second part to the punishment, one she was never told.

The young girl had her desk removed, and told she would get it back in 2nd grade.

Yep, a group of adults told her that.  Being a young girl in 1st grade she did not know any better and for four weeks, yes four weeks, she sat on the floor with no desk while the rest of her classmates sat at desks.  The punishment goes beyond the boundary of sane and reasonable.  This punishment is a humiliation that will stay with this child for years to come.

What happened to the teacher?  She was reprimanded.  The punishment to the girl goes way past the crime, yet the punishment to the teacher is a slap on the wrist.

Perhaps the teacher should go back to school for common sense.