Youth In Commercial

By now, most of you have seen the following commercial by Liberty Mutual Insurance:

I despise the commercial.  No, despise isn’t a strong enough word.


Look at what is shows.  You have three teens who got a flat tire.  What do they do?  Call someone else.

Think about that sad statement.  They called someone else.

Just thirty years ago this would have been considered laughable.  If I did this in high school my friends would have laughed at me.  I’d be known as the guy who couldn’t change a flat.

In a way this shows how backwards our thinking has become.  When a problem arises we have to call someone else.  We don’t roll up our sleeves and dig in and solve the problem, or in this case, change the tire.

I had friends in high school who could change out the engine of their car, and even a few girls.  Today, how many can say the same thing in an upscale school district?  Probably not many.

Back when I went to high school, if this commercial came out we’d have laughed at it.  Today, people think its a good idea.

We continue moving in the wrong direction.