Walk Out, Wrong Protest

A terrible tragedy is occurring right before our eyes.  The terrible tragedy of another high school shooting, this time in Florida becoming the shining beacon for the left on gun control.

Too many young people did die that day which didn’t have to.  But is the ‘walk out’ protest really the right way to correct the problems?

If one examines what happened we have failures across the board.  The FBI failed to really investigate and stop the shooter before anything happened.  Multiple complains came in and yet, nothing happened at all.  There are statements that during the shooting that not only was the school guard outside, but so were three other police officers.  For some reason declined to enter the school.

But let’s get to this #walkout protest.

The protest seemingly is from students who say they’ve had enough of gun violence (the same age group which had to be ‘saved’ from doing the Tide Pod Challenge).  They call it the walk out where they will not be in class to show politicians how ‘united’ they are in this issue.

Yet there are already rumors and reports from other teens who are being threatened they have to participate or their grade might suffer.  Really sounds like a student led function.

These teens are pushing the wrong solution.  Many of these shooters seem to be the outcasts of the school.  Those kids who don’t fit in with the ‘cool’ groups.  They are laughed at by the same teens who are pushing this walk out protest.

Instead, these same teens should be instituting a #walkup solution.  If you see a kid off to the side, talk to him or her.  Don’t allow others to put them down.  You might take that kid off the path of being an upcoming shooter.  You might help one person directly and hundreds more indirectly with a simple action.

Yet, these protesting teens will not.  Why?

They are stuck in their quest for being part of the cool group.  Because of this, they will not walk up as it might lessen their social standing among others.

You want to make a difference, walk up, not out.