Mayfield and the Easily Offended

Yesterday, in case you missed it, during the Big 12 football game between Oklahoma University and Kansas University there came some bad blood.  The result, the thin-skinned people who are easily offended by an obscene gesture.

Mayfield hurled a few ‘fuck yous’ to the Kansas crowd and team while grabbing his crotch (twice).

Oh my, what a offensive thing to do.  After all, that’s never been done before, ever.  I’m sure no player on the Kansas sideline had ever heard fuck you yelled at them before.  Not in this day and age.  I’m sure these puritans were completely shocked upon hearing such language wondering where it could have come from.

I recall back in high school a popular saying was, “fuckin’ A, no fuck a B, it has more holes’.  It was said by almost everyone.  Girls hurled all types of language at each other, especially if they were fighting over a guy.  And between two exs, downright vile.

Crotch grabbing?

I grew up in the 80s, ever watch a Michael Jackson video?

Com’on Man, grow a pair of balls America (if you don’t understand that figure of speech then there is no hope for you).  Stop being offended at every little thing, and can we stop trying to find something to be offended by every ten seconds.