No Words

The amount of stupid in the world seems to be increasing.  Sure, the left would point to how intelligent they are, how they are pushing things and their intelligence shows they are correct.

But saw an article recently that shows how unintelligent the special snowflakes really are.

Princeton is celebrating  five year reunion.  The organizers thought it would be fun to have a Star Wars theme.  Hey sounds great, a little sci-fi fantasy, something a lot of people enjoy.  Even people I know who are not Star Wars fans are familiar with the saga a bit.

But no, even here the snowflakes turn up with their increasing stupidity.

The snowflakes have said no Stormtrooper costumes.


Because the word is associated with Nazi Germany, and snowflakes are so triggered it ‘offends’ them.  Never mind the fact its a fantasy world and Star Wars Stormtroopers look nothing like Nazi SS soldiers.

So they come out and say its been banned.

Now, Stormtroopers have been an iconic part of Star Wars.  Their aim has been mocked for decades at how they can’t hit a thing.  Their shiny white armor and helmets are known throughout the fandom.

But it seems an ‘intelligent, strong-minded, informative’ snowflakes cannot do something without finding something to be triggered by.

So we have this ban which only highlights the stupidity of snowflakes and the leftists who support them.