Trump’s Speech to Congress

So last night President Trump gave his first speech to Congress. And a couple things were shown.

First off, Trump is thinking about America. Not the world, or muslims, but Americans. Been eight years since we had a President do that.

The other two things are actually a bit more disturbing to me and show the true nature of the party of the left.

First off, when introduced, the democrats failed to stand or clap for the President. This shows a lack of respect, not just for the person, but more for the office of President. You cannot clap during the speech, shake your head if you disagree, but what democrats did was a distinct lack of respect for the office.

Imagine the outrage by the left is republicans failed to stand or clap when Obama was introduced into the Chamber.

The second shows the disrespect of the left towards the military. During the speech there was a honor to a fallen American soldier and his widow.

What did democrats do?

Refused to honor it. Was it a bit of political posturing by republicans, probably, but they still could have stood, clapped and shown respect to the military. Instead the left will refuse to do anything.

This is a dangerous thing. As it seems with each passing President the disrespect for the office grows worse. Those who try to push for the honor of the President are shunned. Told we shouldn’t represent a racist in office, yet they have little proof of that, and the democratic party has had far more racists in its party.

Show some class, if only for future Presidents.