President Trump

So its been a couple of days now since the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, and some things have been in the news.

What’s really made news?

Pictures of how many people attended the inauguration.  Really?  Comparing inaugurations as if that is a status of how good a person will be as President?  Guess the left thinks a lot of people indicates how good a person will be.  But let’s not forget how many people came to see Hitler.

How about all the protests.

Yes, a lot of good footage of leftist protests smashing things up.  And if it wasn’t that, it was the litter they left behind after the protests.  Guess someone else must clean up after them.

Let’s not forget the twitter of a Saturday Night Live writer over Barron Trump.  Yeah, she got so much flack from the people she deleted the tweet and closed her account.  But no real reaction from NBC or SNL saying the writer’s opinions were not their own.

Strange considering the outrage the left did anytime someone dared say anything about Obama’s girls.  Thought the children were off limits, or is that only when a democrat is in charge.

And, it appears Trump and his family made use of one of the bowling lanes in the White House for some family fun.  This caused all types of protests despite the fact he was in the WH, and not flying around.

Of course the left worshipped it when Obama took time off to give his predictions of the NCAA basketball playoffs, or other such things, like golfing.

Lastly, it seems the left is ranting and raving over what Trump said.

Honestly, it wouldn’t have mattered what Trump said.  The left would have found something dark and disturbing in it to fret over.

Personally, I hope for a strong leader, something I saw lacking in Obama.  Will I see it in Trump, only time will tell.