Politics and Science

So suddenly there is a lot of talk about science, and scientists, and politics.  Many, especially those who lean left are saying politics cannot be involved in science.


First off, the fact a scientist cannot be political is quite honestly, disturbing at best.  Can those political views influence the scientists.  You bet.

Back in college I had a chemistry class where I spent the entire summer working with the dean of the Chemistry department.  We spent many days working together and I learned from him science has two faces.

The first, the public face.  This is the face which everyone knows.  Its the one which states they enjoy being questioned.  Questioning is a major part of their job and it causes them to learn even more and fine tune their theories and developments.

The second is the darker one, the private face.  This is the one few ever see.  Its full of politics, back-stabbing, and deceit.  This is the one where the egos come into play.  They dislike being questioned at all, after all, they are the expert, how dare you question them.  Are you well known by your peers?  If not, get lost, your opinion doesn’t count.

How would they mix politics into science.  After all, science is founded on facts and repeatable evidence the left says.

Easy.  For this I’ll borrow an old example of DHMO (or dyhydrogen monoxide).

Scientist wants to ban DHMO and publishes the following.

  • DHMO is a major component of acid rain which destroys many things due to acid levels, and is part of the pollution in the air
  • DHMO in its gas form can cause painful burns on skin
  • DHMO in solid form with prolonged contact can cause tissue damage
  • DHMO is used in nuclear power plants, many times released without treatment
  • DHMO in its liquid form kills thousands each year around the globe

The scientist pushes this with a political agenda, yet isn’t truthful, nor is all information present.

In laymans terms DHMO is water and nothing above was wrong.

  • Water is required for rain, so it is a major component of acid rain, and without water you couldn’t have an acid.
  • This is more commonly called a steam burn, and can be quite severe
  • Again, this is more often called frostbite
  • Water is used in cooling nuclear power plants
  • This is more commonly called a drowning, and happens all over the world

Its all in presentation which is where a scientists political views can, and has, manipulated how data is presented to the public.

Really, saying science cannot be political is like saying the moon is made of cheese.  And all you’ve done is grant power to a large, influential group without questioning it.