Terror Attacks

Bombing and stabbings, oh my!

Seems like the world went a little crazy over the weekend.  It all started with a bombing before a Marine Corps run in New Jersey.  Then another bombing in New York.

Add in a multiple stabbing in Minnesota where the stabber was reported to be asking if people were muslim.

Of course the left quickly runs off and goes we can’t blame muslims at all.  They even go so far as to say we can’t use terrorist and bombing because it might offend muslims.

CNN was caught editing out Hillary Clinton using the phrase bombing (in which she later contradicted herself) while attacking Trump for using the word bombing.

It brings up a question.  Why can’t the left use such words?  What are they so afraid of?

Its time to start calling things what they are and stop being afraid.  This is exactly what the terrorist want us to be, afraid of them.  As long as the left is afraid of them the terrorist win.