Dallas Shooting

Last night at a BlackLivesMatter event five cops were killed and more injured.

Since its inception, the BLM movement has held an anti-cop sentiment.  Signs at evens promote shooting cops, even some leaders have spoken about it.  But when confronted they quickly change their tune.

So don’t be surprised at the sudden 180 the BLM movement does about killing cops, and how much their lives matter.

Sadly, this will be a short term narrative by BLM.  It won’t be long before they are once more promoting their hate.

If they were serious about promoting peace between groups, they would expressing themselves in a better way.

Of course President Obama hasn’t helped in his speeches.  Stating that blacks are killed more often than whites are by officers, a blatant lie, but one the BLM movement promotes as well.  In fact more whites are killed by police than blacks.  But that is one fact the left, and BLM don’t want you to know.

I stand by the men in blue.  And perhaps if the BLM was serious about changing things, they would promote cooperation with law enforcement, and promote its people to be stand up citizens, instead of thugs.

Maybe then we’ll see violence on the decline.