Tale of Two Shootings

In the past couple of weeks there have been two shootings in bars.  Both had drastically different results which also had a difference in how they were portrayed by the media.

The Orlando shooting, the one most are familiar with due to the high publicity it has received thanks to the media.

Muslim shooter buys gun legally, despite having been investigated by the FBI twice, then goes on to kill almost 50 people wounding 50+ more for over 100 shot.  Establishment is a gun-free zone, no one is concealed carry.

The media, liberals, and democrats go berserk over this.  They blame republicans, whites, conservatives, gun owners, anything but islam, and even toss gays under the bus.  Some even want to blame the police.  They don’t cover islam or the fact the shooter was a democrat.

Now, a different bar, a couple of weeks later.  Guy gets into argument with another patron of the bar, and tempers flare.  Guy get out a gun and shoots three people randomly.  Difference, one of those shot is a concealed carry, takes out his own gun, returns fire, wounds guy who stop shooting.

Media can’t cover this story, it runs counter to their effort to push to eliminate the 2nd Amendment.  They don’t cover the shooter had a gun illegally, again runs counter to the agenda.

But there is another lesson here, one which no one covers.  In the Orlander shooting, there is no reports of people standing up for themselves, to defend themselves.  They waited for the police to come rescue them.  The other, people stood up for themselves and cut the reign of terror short.

This action is required more in today’s unstable world than ever before, yet liberals push for less.

Perhaps if liberals stopped pushing an agenda we might have a safer country.