Racism is Taught

Racism is taught.  That line is something liberals tell us over and over again, and I’ll admit it is true.

However, there is something just as damaging which liberals forget.  That recognizing racism must also be taught.

Yes we must look and be taught what is consider racism and what isn’t.  Liberals have forgotten this part which is can be explained easily.

Take the confederate flag which in the past year underwent a large banning campaign by liberals and the political correctness machine.  They went out and told us it has only one meaning, and that was racism.  With this one and only meaning they went forth trying to ban it from anything and everything.

Even the poor General Lee of the ‘Dukes of Hazard’ wasn’t safe.  Despite the fact the flag on that car didn’t represent slavery, or racism, but being a rebel.  Nope, they got their wish and it was removed, and you’ll probably never see the show on TV again.

But watching TV yesterday, found a good old classic, ‘Smokey and the Bandit’.  Was watching as this rebel, the Bandit, outwitted law enforcement while running an illegal shipment of beer from Texas when what did I see on the famous Trans AM?  That’s right, the front license plate had a Confederate flag.

Sure, the sheriff has some prejudices in him, but I doubt anyone would say the movie itself is racist at all.  In fact, the flag represents rebelling, not racism.  A fact liberals and the PC machine deliberately ignore to push their agenda.

Now, liberals musts teach people certain things are racist.

Take a classic movie, ‘Dumbo’.  Remember the crows?  If one wasn’t taught about racism, no one would see racism in the movie.  But we are now taught that the depiction of the crows is racist.

What?  Show it to a three year old and they won’t see it, only a good and catchy song.

Let’s look somewhere else to show that we must learn what is, and isn’t consider racism.

Harry Potter.

Yes, that’s right, the Harry Potter books.  Specifically the second book, “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’.  Its in this book we catch our first glimpse of racism in this made up universe with the word ‘mudblood’.

Draco calls Hermine a mudblood, but because she, and Harry, haven’t been taught its a bad word, she doesn’t understand its meaning.

Of course there is the opposite, when we teach people that someone who was bad is actually good, like Che Guevara.  One of the biggest racists who lived in the Americas is considered by liberals and the youth as a rebel worthy of putting on t-shirts.

It really is about what is taught, sadly it goes both ways.