Pay Equality

Pay equality is one of those theories the liberals toss about.  Let’s make everyone equal.

Its a simple message to the masses, and one which they defend by calling anyone whose against it greedy.  However the reality took a huge slap in the face recently.

A small credit company decided to do this, make everyone’s pay equal, including the CEOs, Dan Price.  He would drop from over a million to the same pay that everyone else got, $70,000.

Liberals and democrats across the nation hailed him as a hero.  Someone looking out for the little guy.  But is he?

Turns out reality isn’t so kind.  While his company did see an increase in companies wanting to do business with him, so much so he had to add new employees, he has lost some long standing business.  Short term this isn’t good, long term the effects are too soon to realize.

Then you have employees themselves.  All are making the same pay which causes its own internal strife.  You have hard working, long standing employees now making the same as that new hire, or the guy a few cubicles down the way who does nothing but play youtube videos all day.

Mr. Price has taken the reward for working hard out of the workplace.  When you do that human nature starts to take over.  Why should I work harder than everyone else if I’m going to make the same amount as the other guy?

Liberals would argue people would work harder for pride.  Yet that will only carry a person so far before resentment sets in.  Resentment of others like the loafer and newbie.

Another problem becomes the type of job a person does.  Are all jobs equal in pay?  To many the answer is no.  Is that newbie answering the phone worth the same as a manager whose been at the job for ten years and knows the ins and outs of how things work?  To the liberal it appears the answer is yes.

Then not getting a raise.  Imagine working for a company for years and getting now pay raise for years.  An employee starts feeling like they are being taken advantage of.

Pay equality sounds nice, but the real world of humanity it doesn’t belong.

(I am for equality of pay between male and female for the same job).