Confederate Flag

Well, Friday represented the lowering of the Confederate Battle Flag over a government building.  Good riddance.

A government building is no spot for such a flag.  The only flags which should fly over a government building are the stars and strips and the state flag.  No historical flag, unless its for a specific day, and no special flags, like the gay pride flag.  Such flags do not belong there.

However, the PC crowd then went berserk and tried to ban the flag even further and have failed.

For a while some places stopped selling the flag under the pressure from the PC crowd.

Even NASCAR was forced by the PC crowd to try and eliminate the flag from the crowds at its events.  The result, massive failure as even more flags showed up.

Even Kid Rock said screw you to the PC crowd by maintaining it on the cover of his next album.

So what happened this time that the PC crowd actually failed?

Simple, they focused on only one aspect of  complex issue.  They tried to make the flag only stand for slavery.  They ignored the fact it also stood for the Southern way of life, and for rebellion.  Three strong beliefs and by attacking one the PC crowd attacked all three.

With such strong emotions its no wonder the movement was doomed to fail beyond the initial goal.

The flag doesn’t belong flying at the state building, but anything beyond that is a limit of free speech.