Washington Post Critiques SNL Skit

How do you know the media is in lock step with a certain party or group in politics?  The answer is simple, if the media critiques a comedy skit.

This is what happened to a SNL skit making fun of Obama and his illegal immigration policy using the ‘I’m Just A Bill’ from Schoolhouse Rock.  Anyone who grew up in the 70s knows of this one.  Well, SNL did their own version using Obama.

Now the Washington Post has come to the rescue by providing a ‘fact’ check of the satire.  Yep, you heard that correctly, they fact-check a satire.

I cannot recall in the past where a news organization stooped to such lengths to protect a President and the actions he takes.

The sad truth is if the President was Republican, the Post would be commending SNL on their satire and humor.  Instead, because it goes against what the media wants, and their golden boy, Obama, they do everything in their power to protect him.

As I said in a Twitter post:

“Gotta critique anything that makes fun of Obama.”