Obama Should Heed Republians on Amnesty

Obama told the nation, not even 24 hours after the elections, that he was going to go ahead with amnesty.  But perhaps he should heed Republicans on this one for once.  After all, both Boehner and McCarthy in a recent luncheon gave some harsh words to Obama over amnesty.

Amnesty seems to be the only thing on Obama, and the democrat’s mind lately.  It was about the only subject which they ran on, and according to some figures failed, especially if you consider the thumping they took on election day.

If Obama does issue an executive order granting amnesty it could be a disaster for everyone.  First off, it would become a tremendous constitutional issue, one that would end up in the Supreme Court, and depending on their decision undermine the checks and balances laid out by the founders of this country.

The second problem is what might happen to the black voters of the democrat party.  There are already rumblings of discontent over this among many of them.  They might feel betrayed by Obama, who they thought was one of their own, and by the democratic party.  Such a move could fracture the black bloc of voters upon whom the democrats have depended on for decades.

Another issue is among Hispanics.  They are already divided among this issue, despite media pressure to show a solid, unified bloc.  Nearly 40% of Texas Hispanics voted Republican in the mid elections.  A troubling sign for democrats pushing amnesty.

Finally there is the overall national attitude towards amnesty.  Some polls showing 70% of people are against amnesty.  Such a move could unify a large segment of citizens, and voters against the democratic party.

Obama should heed republicans on this issue to avoid what could become a disaster for his party.  But it appears that the left-wing loons which have hi-jacked the democratic party are deaf and blind to the building resistance of granting amnesty.

Finally, there is the problem of even if amnesty is granted it would not solve the immigration issue.  Its been issued before and we continue to deal with illegals.  Solve the problem then people might be willing to grant amnesty.