Voting Machine ‘Calibration’ Error

There have been reports for a while now about voting machines switching people’s votes from what voters thought was a Republican vote to a democrat one.  I have the utmost confidence that this will be reported on news stations like CNN and MSNBC, not.

Once again reports are coming in from several states of touch screens switching the votes of voters from Republican to democrat.  That makes this the second, or third election in a row where such accusations have been made.

Normally you’d expect some problems, but if it truly a calibration error, then one should expect to have some machines doing the opposite, casting a republican vote instead of democrat.  A quick Google of ‘voting machine republican instead of democrat’ finds nothing but the opposite.

Illinois Republican, Jim Moynihan, found out he had problems voting for himself when he went to vote.  A serious embarrassment for voting officials there.  Yet that newsworthy item was left off.

Imagine the outrage if his democratic competitor had faced a similar problem.  The news agencies would be coming from all over the nation to cover the story, with the headlines stating how Republicans were trying to steal the election from voters.  They would also say Republicans were disenfranchising voters, especially the minorities.

Well, we have the same thing here.  Perhaps this is how some precincts voted 100% for Obama in the last election?

Check out the video and see for yourself?