Confidence In Government Ability to Fight Ebola Drops

The government has not done much to bolster the image it can handle an outbreak of the Ebola virus.  With the handling of workers who cared for Mr. Duncan, the first Ebola victim in the US citizens are not confident.

Recently the government came out saying, trust us we know what we’re doing.  There are conflicting reports on how nurses are trained, and with a new patient, a doctor in NY who had been over in Africa treating victims it would not be a surprise to see confidence drop even more.

A recent Gallup Poll shows that citizen’s confidence in the government is dropping.  From Oct 12 to the 19 the percent of people who have confidence in the government has dropped from 60% to 52%

Interesting to note is that while there was a drop among republican’s confidence in the government, 45% to 39%, democrat confidence dropped even more over the same number of days, from 78% to 71%.

All this despite a recent New York Times article which stated Obama is very angry at the response of the CDC, and reassurances of government control by the CDC.  It is past time for words, its time for action by our leaders.  Sadly, its been shown time and again that Obama hesitates for too long before doing anything.

One area that this is going to have an impact is among voters turning out to vote this election.  If Obama does not do anything, democrats could suffer.  But as long as Obama is moving ahead with illegal immigration he is reluctant to do the right thing to keep Ebloa from spreading.