Increase in Illegals Not A Crisis – Democrats

In the past couple of days President Obama and House Minority Leader Pelosi have come out with some comments about the recent increase in young illegals showing up on the US border.  Recently Pelosi made a trip down to the border to ‘check’ things out for herself.  Here’s what she had to say about the situation:

“We need to find the best solution to the problem, not necessarily the fastest.”

She also called it an ‘opportunity’ not a ‘crisis’.  True, while it might not be a crisis yet, how democrats react will determine which way this goes.  If they continue with amnesty, I predict this will grow into a crisis.

And politicians never let a good crisis go to waste, that where Obama comes in.  He is seeking an additional two billion dollars, that $2,000,000,000 in additional funding for this ‘opportunity’ Pelosi is talking about.  Oh, and to go with that amount Obama wants additional power to ‘fast-track’ kids without parents.

These are the same kids who Obama wants to reunite with their parents here in the USA.

If things are not a crisis now, they will be shortly.  The USA, I believe, still has great potential, but don’t add unnecessary burden to a fragile system.  That’s what the democrats are doing.