Obama’s Immigration Plan

So, after several months of the growing crisis along the border the President has finally made a decision.  He will delay any action until the end of the year.  To many this seems almost outrageous that he will take so much time before implementing an executive order.

The reality is no one should be surprised at this course of action taken by the President.  Throughout his Presidency he has delayed making a decision time and time again.  Obama is a master at hesitation when it comes to making decisions.

But unlike so many others, this one is being done for political reason which are actually quite easy to understand.

First off, granting amnesty by an executive order is not exactly popular, even among his own party.  Many democrats up for reelection fear voter backlash if amnesty is granted before the election.  This would be a disaster for the democrats who are struggling to hold onto their lead in the Senate.

So these officials push Obama to delaying the decision as long as possible.  There is little problem with angering the illegal crowd short term to remain in power.

But there is a second problem which Obama is watching and will never publically admit.  He is waiting for the election to see which party will control the Senate.  Its a simple process, if democrats remain in control, then he can push through his amnesty executive order and not be impeached.

However, if Republicans gain control of the Senate, I do not see Obama making any executive order on immigration.  The threat of impeachment is very real this time, as it is an abuse of power by the President.  He knows this, as do many others, even those calling for Obama to act.

So, while both sides push their agenda, Obama waits for the election results to know if he can, or cannot move ahead with powers the Presidency does not have.