Obama Vacations, World Melts Down

There are serious problems, both abroad and at home.  In Missouri tensions are mounting after a cop killed a teen.  Riots and vandalism have been reported, and even Al Sharpton headed there to hopefully work with the family to calm the situation.  In Syria and Iraq the growing threat of IS and the massive human suffering going on.  Add in a cease-fire between hamas and Israel and tensions in the Ukraine and things are not looking good.

What does the most powerful man in the world do when faced with such mounting problems?

Simple, go on vacation to Martha’s Vineyard and go golfing, then do a fundraiser and finally meet with Hillary Clinton for a party.

Now, really there is nothing wrong with a vacation, or golfing.  Many deals have been struck on the golf course over the decades.  The problem isn’t that the President is going on these vacations, its the timing of them.

Let’s look back at the previous President, Bush.  He took a lot of vacations, the majority were to his ranch in Crawford, Texas.  Now anyone who uses their brains knows the President is doing work while on ‘vacation’, even Obama.  It was reported that Bush’s ranch was set up very much like a second WH.

Obama’s problem is the fact with every crisis he seems to be on vacation, or going to a fundraiser.  There is no show that he is not only aware of what is going on, but leading.  IS is shown to be murdering hundreds, perhaps thousands of people, beheading children, and Obama orders an airstrike and goes on vacation.  While protests and riots were plaguing Ferguson, Missouri he went to a fundraiser on Monday.

Of course this lack of ability to lead in a crisis is nothing new.  Every American should have expected this after the 2008 Presidential campaign.  When the economy was crashing down, banks failing, real estate bursting, he showed how he would lead in a crisis.  Continue on the same path instead of heading back to DC to show leadership ability.

It appears the American voters got what they wanted.  A leader show can’t show he leads.