Racism Endgame

So, I was flipping though videos on YouTube and came across a video of Morgan Freeman being interviewed by Mike Wallace.  Its a bit old, but still, what he says is very telling especially in today’s racist charged world.

In the interview, Freeman drops what could be a bombshell on the left.  He doesn’t want a black history month.

What?  Gasp and shock!

Why not?

Freeman goes on and asks Wallace if there is a white history month which he deflects by saying he’s Jewish.  Really Wallace?  Jewish?  However Freeman isn’t detoured by the deflection and asks where is Jewish history month.

Wallace to his credit goes he doesn’t want one, yet is shocked when Freeman say the same.

When Wallace asks how we can end racism, Freeman has the best line of the interview:

Stop talking about it!

He then goes on to say:

I’m going to stop calling you a white man.  And I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man.  I know you as Mike Wallace and you know me as Morgan Freeman.

This eliminates race.  It eliminates seeing race first, but seeing the person whoever they are.  However, that is counter to the left’s agenda of using race as a way to remain in power.

The left uses race to divide us, not unite us.  Its simple, as the left what is their end game when it comes to racism.  Its even more ironic when they claim to want to not see color, yet do everything they can to point to a person’s skin color.

The left goes around tossing out ‘white privilage’, or ‘white society’, which they will tell you must be destroyed.


Is black society so much better?  I look at places in Africa and go, I really don’t want that.  But that makes me racist suddenly, because I want something different, something more civil.

Groups like BLM scream things like ‘black power’, raise their fists, yet does that promote healing between two groups, or promote a difference between two groups?

The left promotes divide so they can continue to use the discontent to remain in power.  Those who go outside the group are called names.  A successful man, if he is conservative and happens to be black, is called worse names than the right uses towards black.  This isn’t a fringe group doing this like on the right, no the left in its entirety goes after this man.

The true racists are the left.  They are the sheep disguised in wolf’s clothing.  They will do anything to keep their power base, and use any tactic, no matter how degrading and racist.

So, people like Freeman are an enemy when they promote the idea of not calling a person a black, or white, man.

The left’s endgame isn’t the end of racism, but keeping it alive to keep their powerbase.  For that, they need racism to be alive.  For when it ends, people will see how truly evil they are.