Media’s Job

I did a post not long ago regarding the media, Trump and trust.  Now, just a few days ago it comes out that MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski made a comment which does not add to the trust of the media.

She said, ‘Its our job to control what people think’.

This about this for a second.  Control what they think.

Imagine if FOX News said this instead.  The left would be in full meltdown mode.

Instead, going over comments on line I’ve found the left instead is trying to defend her comment.  By stating it was taken out of context and that she was actually talking about how the media is the messenger and needs to be trustworthy, clear and unbiased, something Mika stated as well.

And here is a problem, the media isn’t trustworthy, they are not clear, and obviously not unbiased.

But the media has a problem in today’s world.  They are not the only source of information anymore.  People can now get information from all over the world as easily as the reporters can though social media.

Simple put, if the media actually worked to be factual, clear and unbiased, no one would have cared what Mika said.