Democrats in Censor Mode

The recent problems before the Democratic National Convention has spurned problems for social media as well.

It started off with Wikileaks releasing a lot of the e-mails of the democratic party.  Many of these e-mails showed that there was a coordinated effort by high ranking democrats, and some with the media outlets, to go after and take down Sanders.

There was also an effort that these attacks were to be looked upon as being done by the Trump campaign.

As a result the democrats have looked at their friends in the media once more to help spin things.

First it was Twitter, which has blocked #DNCLeaks and #DNCLeak.  Then it was FaceBook which now considers WikiLeaks to be an unsafe sight.

Add in the fact that you have DBC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was going to speak at the convention, has resigned (but has been hired by Clinton’s campaign).

Thought censoring was done by those who are not tolerant, who respect what others have to say.  But it appears that with the democrats, and their allies, its only tolerance and free speech when it agrees with what they have to say.