Lack of Respect

Two stories this Memorial Day Weekend have come to light showing how little respect some people have for what others have done.

A few days ago, in Vence close to Los Angles, a Vietnam War Memorial was vandalized by lowlifes, spray painting graffiti which covered hundreds of names.

On local Stewert Oscars stated, “It’s like a direct attack,” and “If you have any sense of history, you’d never do this.”

Of course the people who did this don’t have any sense of history, they probably have been indoctrinated with the anti-US feeling, the one which blames anything and everything upon the US.  A favorite attitude among liberals.

The second story takes place in Henderson where a local decided to take a joy-ride though crosses which were set up to honor those who had fallen.

Families arrived to see the devastation brought about by a man who has no honor. On family member stated: “This is heartbreaking. How could someone be so cruel, so heartless is beyond me. God help whoever did it. It hurts these people, who have worked so hard.”

It is sad that a generation is growing up with no respect to anything but themselves.