Problems In Brazil

With the Olympics only months away there are many problems going on within Brazil.

The Zika virus is something which has many people concerned, even having some calling for the Olympics to change the venue.  They are concerned that not only athletes will become infected by the virus but spectators from other nations who have come to watch.

Add to this there are concerns that the venues will not be ready on time for the games.

This goes along with recent protests against spending by the country.  This has resulted in such a crisis which caused the Brazilian Congress to hold a session on impeaching their President.  On a vote, they elected to suspend Dilma Rousseff and brought up Vice President as acting President.

Rousseff is charged with illegal use of funds which many say have harmed the country.

After what happened in Sochi, if Brazil isn’t ready for the games it could cast doubt on the ability of the Olympic Committee to decide where to host the games.