Science and Liberals

Recently there has been murmuring by the left over questioning, and rejecting, of Global Warming or Climate Change as others call it.  The left want to make it so anyone who questions, or denies, CC can be tossed in jail.

In other words they don’t want to be question over the science of CC.

They claim the science is over, everything has been decided on this issue because science say its over.

I go by something my Chemistry teacher in college said, always question science because they do make mistakes and if no one question the mistakes are never caught.

Because of this I question the data and theories of CC, not that its happening, but question it none-the-less.

The brings up the question how attached to science are liberals?  Truth is not much, and only when it supports their emotional state.

What does that mean?  Here are two examples.

First, abortion.  Liberals are pro-abortion and the far left is supportive of abortion at any time up to nine months.  Science is still out on this one, when is a ‘fetus’ a baby?  When can that baby survive on its own outside the womb?

There are many pre-mature babies born, I know several people personally who were born pre-maturely and they are normal people.  According to the left these people could have been aborted because they were not nine months along.

Science doesn’t support the nine months and it has shown many times this is a false line.  But liberals will ignore science here for their emotional talking point.

Second, the bathroom question going on now.  Scientifically most of us are either male or female.  We are either XX or XY, there is no debate here.  A bit like how liberals say the debate for CC is over, this is even more cut and dry.  There are some exemptions, but for the most part this is clear.

Now liberals want to ignore science for feelings.  If a guy ‘feels’ that he is female, he should be allowed to use a female bathroom.  This flies in the face of science but that won’t stop liberals from thinking with their emotions rather than cool, hard logic and science.

For a liberal, science is only good when it supports their emotional talking point.