Liberals and Cops

For the past year there has been a war going on, one which isn’t reported in the media.  Its the liberal war against cops.

Oh, they don’t say there is, but their actions speak louder than anything else.  Show two stories from different areas of the USA.

First, Chicago, a place which has had a democrat mayor since 1931!  A place up North, a home to liberals and tolerance, right?  Not according to a recent article from several news agencies.

It appears that the Chicago Police department is highly racist against blacks.  Yep, that’s right, a place where the mayor has been democrat for 85 years, is racist.  For the past 7 years, 74% of those shot were black.

That’s a number which liberals say is racist.  But don’t let the crime numbers enter into this discussion.  Those numbers are absent in the articles.

These articles do not help heal differences between cops and citizens, if anything it only adds to a divide which is harder and harder to heal.

Going south, to Houston, we have the results of such new stories carried out by the media and liberals.

A Houston deputy constable was ambushed at a traffic stop and shot six times.  Yep, while giving a simple ticket this cop was ambushed and shot (at this time it is unclear if the deputy was killed).

There will be no outpouring of sympathy by the left.  Yet a criminal can break a law, resist arrest, point a gun at an officer if he is black and killed by the cops, liberals yell racism.

As long as liberals support those who don’t value cop lives such actions will continue to occur.  The sad part is the liberals think they are being tolerant, when in fact they fan the flames of race, intolerance, hatred and violence.

And that’s my take.