Democrat Delimma

The Democrats have a problem few are willing to speak about.  Everyone knows about the GOP problems with Trump and the leadership of the GOP.  Threats made back and forth, Trump not winning the nomination even if he gathers enough delegates.

However, the Democrats have their own storm brewing centering around their two nominees.  Clinton and Sanders.

After the Wisconsin primaries Hillary would seem to have a comfortable lead, 1748 to 1058.  The problem is Hillary appears to be losing ground to Sanders, who seems to be gaining strength as he won Wisconsin.

Where the real problem comes into play, the Democratic leaders and media.  They are all in with Hillary and have been for a while now and the citizens are not as in love with Hillary as the leadership is.

This is despite the fact that for the past couple of years the media has gushed over Hillary, ignoring, or downplaying any problem she might have in an attempt to lead her to the White House.  Earlier in the election Sanders won the popular vote of a state, yet Hillary still gained more votes due to the super delegates going to Hillary.

If Hillary doesn’t gather enough votes for gain 2383 delegates what will the Democrat leadership do?

There are still a lot of votes left, but the Democrat leadership is worried.  The party is splitting under pressure and it appears the two candidates are leading many questioning how these two became the best the party could put forward.