Super Bowl Results

For those watching, once again on Sunday there was the Super Bowl, and people are talking about it.

First off, it appears Lady Gaga nailed the national anthem.  It was refreshing to hear a singer give the song the justice it deserved without being overbearing.  It was nice, and overall it improved her image to me.  I do like a few of her songs, and was glad to see she didn’t try anything strange.  In fact, I didn’t even recognize it was Lady Gaga at first when watching it.

Second, the Doritos commercial.  Watched this one live and the only thing I got out of it was a chuckle.  However it appears some people freaked out over the commercial.  More specifically people who don’t want to acknowledge that a fetus is in fact, a baby.  The abortion groups went crazy over this as their narrow-minds exploded, unable to see the humor.

Third you have the half-time show.  I will admit, I missed this, went off to do something else as the half-time shows I have never liked and Beyoncé isn’t one I enjoy listening to.  It seems people think she had a Black Panthers, Black Lives Matters and anti-cop message. so much so Sheriff David Clarke said this:

“[Beyoncé] coming out…in those Black Panther type uniforms, would that be acceptable if a white band came out in hoods and white sheets in the same sort of fashion? We would be appalled and outraged.”

Her moves did not bring forth any type of healing between race, or cops and citizens.

Fourth, the whole Cam Newton issue after the game.  He walked out of the interview prompting many to say he needs to grow up.  Well, it appears he could hear the Broncos celebrating.  Honestly, who sets up an interview with a guy who just lost one of the biggest games of his career within earshot of the group celebrating.  I’d be pissed as well, as many of us would be.  The real person to blame was the person who set up the interview areas.

Oh yeah, the Broncos won the side-show game 24-10.