Media Bias

By now everyone has see, or heard the latest Republican debate.  The result?

It was bad!  And the real losers, are not who you would think.

The losers, the media.

The moderators were booed, called out and revealed for their bias against republicans and conservatives.  This isn’t anything new, but this is frustration carrying over for years of such behavior by the media.

Cruz came out looking very good and any ‘debate’ was swallowed up by the bad moderators in the debate.

Of course now that the damage has been done left-wing media outlets are in full overdrive to limit the damage done last night.  But it might finally be too little too late as many are waking up to the manipulation the media does.

That is the media’s worst nightmare, the public realizing the media is manipulating them.  And now that many are waking up to it, its a Pandora’s box which they cannot close.