Women Can’t Get Birth Control

Okay, so no one out there thinks women can’t get birth control?  Right?

However, reading twitter several left-winged sites have posted articles that state that in more succulent tones.  Take this article:

Can birth control help Democrats keep the Senate? by Irin Carmon.

Its a very carefully worded opinion piece which talks about the democrats going around the Supreme Court decision and introducing a bill so women can get birth control.

Or how about this one:

Leticia Van De Putte: Women Will Now Be Defined By Their Bosses Thanks To Hobby Lobby

Its ironic that Leticia states that women’s bosses will define who they are but wants to force bosses to pay for it.  Sounds a bit hypocritical of her to me.  Her heavy language again makes it sound like the ruling somehow makes it illegal for a woman to buy birth control, or even talk to her doctor about it.

These are two articles of a full court press by democrats and the left to vilify the SCOTUS’s decision on Hobby Lobby.  They will use every fear mongering tactic they have in telling you there is a war on women, that women will no longer get birth control, or talk to their doctors.  That women no longer have any choices.

But, ask the question, how did the ruling outlaw all of that when the case was not about that, but about forcing an employer to carry it.

Ask them how that is Constitutional?

Ask them how any bill democrats put forth to go around this bill is Constitutional?

Ask them, they will give you and emotional story.  Emotional stories are designed to sway, but many times can be extremely dangerous to our freedom.

Continue to ask, maybe one day they will realize the truth, it isn’t constitutional, and women still will be able to buy birth control, and talk to their doctors about birth control.