Most days I wonder about people’s intelligence.  Ah, who am I kidding, everyday I wonder about this, especially from the self-proclaimed, ‘intellectual’ left.

Many times they remind me of an incident I had with a customer back when I was working retail.

The store I worked for sold palm-pilots (back in the day when they were popular).  A co-worker and I were working and a couple came in to return the palm they had recently bought from us because it didn’t work.

We asked the normal questions, what did you try, and such.  As I asked my co-worker went though the box to make sure everything was there, part of the return policy, we had to have everything, the palm pilot, syncing station/cable, software, and such.

The couple goes on about how smart they are, as if I was insulting their intelligence.  I wasn’t, only wanted to figure out why the unit was working, same as them.

Instead I got a lecture about how they were professors, both had PhDs, and on and on.

At this point my co-worker got to the bottom of the box, and pulled out two, still wrapped, double A batteries which the couple had obviously never thought to install (yes this unit was not rechargeable like most today).

We watched amused as the couple quickly stuffed the box back into the bag and left.

This is my thought on people today, we claim we’re massively intelligent, yet we all continue to do the dumbest things.  What’s worse is few even take the time to think about anything anymore allowing someone else to do it for them.