Those Houston Astros

I’m a bit of a big sports fan, especially hockey, football and baseball.

So with being laid up with back problems and rehab I’ve had time to actually watch the Astros baseball games.  What a pleasantly shocking surprise this year compared to the past couple of years.

Being an Astros fan I’ve had to put up with calling them the Lastros among the more generous names.  Several would question why even be a fan.

I am not a bandwagon fan for teams.  I’ll root for my teams come winning or losing, so it is with the Astros.

This year we have reasons to cheer.  They could very well make the playoffs this year, but even if they don’t it was much more fun than previous years.  Especially the 100+ loss years.

The team has an All-Star in Altuve, the short player with a big heart.  He goes along with another All-Star in pitcher Keuchel who has become an ace.  Add in the Astros traded for someone to help improve their chances of making the playoffs and the fans have reason to be excited.

But not only excited for this year.  The Astros have a load of young talent that the fans hope they don’t trade, or let go of to make a winning team for years to come.

Of course add in that a fan favorite, Craig Biggio was elected to the Hall of Fame, and things are looking up.  Now all we need is to actually win the World Series and have Jeff Bagwell elected to the Hall as well.