Hobby Lobby Spin by Liberals

Well, its almost been a week since the Supreme Court decision in favor of Hobby Lobby, and the left’s compete meltdown reaction.  The one I have found to be the strangest is how this decision will mean women will not be able to get birth control.

Hold on a second.  What?  I guess I missed the decision by the Supreme Court to allow companies to tell their employees they cannot use birth control.  I thought the court case dealt with the company being force by the government to carry birth control in their health-care plans.

The truth is Hobby Lobby won in not having to carry some, not all, birth control.  The ones they are not forced to carry are drugs that are associated with abortion.  In fact, 80% of birth control they are still mandated to carry.  If you listen to liberals though, Hobby Lobby, and other religious companies, do not have to carry any birth control.

The problem is if the left wants to make an impact, look for that emotional impact at any cost.  Like many news reports, who cares about facts, its all about swaying the readers, and this time, they have done well, but as people ask questions the story starts falling apart.

So next time you hear someone say the court case denies women birth control, ask the question how?