Anti-Cop Activist Learns Hard Reality

Recently Reverend Jarrett Maupin, a self-described protester against cops, was invited, and participated in a couple of training exercises which cops use for training.  What happened was an eye opening experience for Mr. Maupin.

After the training he had this to say:

“I didn’t understand how important compliance was,” he stated. “But after going through this, yeah, my attitude has changed.”  He goes on to say.  “This is all unfolding in ten to fifteen seconds… people need to comply with the orders of law enforcement officers for their own safety.”

He learned exactly what cops face in the real world, not the theoretical world many of the protesters live in.

The results of the three exercises was as following:

  1. He was killed by an armed suspect who refused to follow orders and shot him.
  2. He killed an unarmed man who refused to follow orders and made threatening movements towards him.
  3. He failed to see the large knife the suspect had in his waistband.

His conclusion is one many already know.  When someone is being questioned by the police when you do things it can, and usually does, make the situation worse.  This escalation of tension does not help either person.

In a society where the public makes martyr out of thugs and criminalize the police its no wonder routine questions by cops escalate to a life-threatening situation.

Its time society as a whole steps back and criminalize those who escalate the situations for making the world more dangerous for us all.

The problem is he learned the lesson but others will close their eyes and continue on their narrow path in a sense for ‘justice’.