Chick-fil-A Banned from School Event

Well, the liberal side is once again showing their inability to understand the word diversity.  One definition is, “the condition of having or including people from different ethnicities and social backgrounds”.  It is not excluding different groups.

A school in California has not learned this lesson.  In a booster event the principal has banned the restaurant chain Chick-fil-A from participating in the event.


“With their political stance on gay rights and because the students of Ventura High School and their parents would be at the event, I didn’t want them on campus.”

The school district backed up the principal with the following statement about their mission:

“We value inclusivity and diversity on our campus and all of our events and activities are going to adhere to our mission.”

It appears they are all about diversity and inclusivity as long as what is included adheres to what they believe.  They do not take into account that some of those parents and students might not like what they want to include.

The principal would have no problem with a restaurant whose owner is Islamic, despite the fact that faith is against gays, and radicals behead Christians and atheists.  Its time to call out such hypocrisy by such people and groups.