Dangerous Content

Finally had another dangerous content warning for my site.  The page in question had actually been up now for two years, a meme of liberals, guns and illegals:


Apparently that was dangerous content for AdSense to put a warning on the page.

Now, to anyone on the left all this really does is show your inability to allow someone else to take an opposing view.  Second, I get almost nothing from this site, maybe a few pennies.  Honestly I get more income from finding money on the ground walking around than I do this site.

But its also showing how disconnected the left, and its companies like Google, have become.

On YouTube many non-political people are being de-monetized because someone on the left didn’t like their opinion on something.  Many are scared that their income will be taken away because some SJW thinks they were insulted.

Google, you are not too big to fail, and embracing SJW issues will not help you.

Time and again I’m seeing how companies which embrace such issues end up doing worse.  The public is turning on them.

But for me, if that’s dangerous content, and it took them two years to ‘find’ it, then its more political.  Especially considering I have ‘conservative’ in my web site.

Waiting for the time when the entire website is considered ‘dangerous’.  Then, I’ll just be laughing at how thinned skinned the left has become.