Hollywood’s Hypocrisy and Sexual Assault

There was a big deal recently over Harvey Weinstein and women coming out talking about how he sexually assaulted, or abused him.

Now, such things have come out about Hollywood now for years, even decades of women being abused, or forced for sexual favors in order to get the part of some movie or TV show.  Its a disgusting practice which its time for it to end.

Yes, the disturbing thing about all of this, is the lack of outrage by the left.

Remember Bill Cosby?

A couple of years ago he had women accusing him of unwanted sexual advances.  In fact, he’s gone to court over it all and completely ruined his reputation.

Trump?  he made a comment and the left went absolutely berserk over it.  The feminists came out of hiding and attacked him relentless, even now they attack him.  Even Hollywood came out and attacked him.

So why does Harvey Weinstein get a pass?

The answer, is the same reason many in Hollywood ridiculed Trump but gave a standing ovation to Roman Polanski who was convicted of raping a 13 year old girl.  In fact, several more have come forth claiming to have been raped by him.

Yet Hollywood defends him, along with Weinstein.

Why the double standard?

Possibly due to the many interconnecting web of assaults on women throughout Hollywood.  If one falls it could bring the rest down like a house of cards.  And then you’d have to add in the political fallout as well. Weinstein is connected with many democrats, a big donor and is seen in many photographs events with Democrat big-wigs.

If he falls, connections to others and high political elites could become collateral damage despite their role in enabling, or maybe even participation, in such despicable events.

Its why the left, the champions of women’s causes, is strangely silent.  The elites of the left realize the web reaches them as well.  Its why you will see a willingness to let it go.  But in this day of social media, the pres doesn’t have the clout they once had.  Bloggers fill the internet, and people get their message out.

Celebrities have for years been coming out about this dirty side of Hollywood.  Perhaps its time to clean house and make the industry safer for women.  Or is the left afraid of standing up for their values when its not against a conservative, white, Christian, male?